My Story


Alison’s Bio

Alison Everill is a recording artist, worship leader, song writer and speaker.  Her hometown is Jacksonville, FL.  She currently resides in Waleska, Ga with her husband, Scott and their 3 boys, Scott II, Ethan, and Jonathan.

Alison began her music ministry as a childhood church musician and then attended Liberty University where she sang for one of the ministry teams there.

She was the worship musician at the churches where her husband pastored, and has traveled to many places over the years to serve the body of Christ in song.

If you were to sum up Alison’s ministry in one word, it would be PASSION.  You can hear it in her voice, see it on her face and experience it in the words of the songs she writes.  It is of utmost importance to her that she lifts up the Lord not just with her music, but also her life.   She considers it a deep privilege and joy to be able to share her message about Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.  For her, there is no higher calling.
Whether its doing concert ministry, leading worship at a church event or service, speaking or singing at a ladies retreat or function, Alison seeks with all her heart to get out of the way so that the Worthy One may be clearly seen.

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