An Ordinary Day

Have you ever awakened in the morning and thought, “It’s just another ordinary day.”?  That’s me most days.  I fail to see the wonder in the simple act of waking up.  Instead of realizing that the world I awaken to is one where I am loved supremely, where every breath I’m given comes from the Lord Himself, I have the audacity to say, “It’s just another ordinary day.” 

Yesterday started out that way and then the Lord took my day on an unexpected path.  I was just going through the motions of fixing breakfast for my 3 little guys and trying force myself to get moving when the phone rang.  I looked at the number on the i.d. screen and didn’t recognize it.  I knew it was a GA number and I have family and friends there, but I knew it wasn’t any of their’s.  Then, like a thunderclap, it dawned on me.  I was picking up a phone call from a very special new friend. She is one of the greatest Christian songwriters that the Lord ever dropped on the planet.  She has written songs that have encouraged the church for many years.  She is also a very successful recording artist.  So you can imagine my surprise when I heard a voice on the other line say, “Hello, may I speak to Alison?” and I squeak out, “This is she.”  then she says, “Hello, Alison, this is So-in-so.”  What is happening?  Did the room suddenly tilt?  I think I’m going to faint.  I was so excited. 

To try to make a very long story shorter, she was calling in response to a song that I had written.  She was excited about it and wants to work with me and help me get started as a Christian songwriter.  So I talked to her very cooly, and calmly and then I got off the phone and did a happy dance right there in my bedroom.  I was so overcome I didn’t know how to pray.  Should I say, “Thank you, Lord!”  No, that doesn’t quite cover it.  Should I fall on my knees and commit to the Lord that any success He gives me will be used for His glory?  That’s a little closer to the right response.  But closer still, I ask my precious Father to forgive me for taking any day for granted.  I beg Him to help me to trust in His plan for my life instead of allowing my mind to go to that place of chaos when I refuse to rest in Him.  And, yes, I thank Him and commit that anything that happens in my life that gives me joy or pain will be used for His glory.

With Gladness,




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